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David Perlov: Diary 1973-1983

Year: 2007, 312 mins
Code: RV-PerlovPt1

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The film contain the six chapters of the newly restored DIARY (1973-1983) plus the one-hour MY STILLS (1952-2002) about David Perlov and his film with texts by Ariel Schweitzer, Uri Klein, Talya Halkin, Dominik Blüher, interviews with David Perlov, a poem by Nathan Zach, as well as Perlov's drawings and photographs. Every step of the project was carefully overseen directly by David Perlov's immediate family.

The film release is the final stage of a huge restoration project for DIARY. Brand new 16mm film prints were struck in the year following David's death, and a retrospective was organized at the Pompidou Center in December 2005 in Paris. Subtitles were prepared in five languages, and high-definition masters were made in Paris from the new prints, supervised personally by Yael Perlov. Still photographs for this edition were also made from the prints. The film was featured prominently at the festivals of La Rochelle, Lussas and Rio de Janeiro, and the Toulouse cinémathèque over the summer of 2006.

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