Dance with Me - 2 - screener

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Dance with Me - 2

Best of Canadian contemporary dance

Year: 2011, 145 mins
Code: MP-Dance2
ISBN: 978-1-922007-03-2

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Produced in association with Bravo!, DANCE WITH ME is a hip, two volume exploration of dance, choreography and space. The two volumes consists of six episodes each: dance pieces by leading Canadian contemporary dance companies in a variety of locations. The director, Albert Girard, found six very particular and different ambiances for the dancers to work in. The visually stunning locations are part of the concepts.  The 6 x 24 minutes films are shot in sport shop, warehouses, church, empty swimming pool amongst others. The location and the space influence the choreographical choices.The dance pieces are colourful, hectic, sensual and poetic comments on human relationships.

Volume TWO: 6 x 24 minutes
Sinha Dance, Creation Cafeine, Lucie Gregoire Danse, Montreal Dance, Lina Cruz
(adult themes), Danse-Cite / Manon (adult themes)

The solos and group choreographies are excellent resources for choreographers and dance students. Highly recommended for Cinema Studies for their exceptional and rich filming techniques. Great examples how dance can be presented on film.

Director Albert Girard

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