Dance Little Chief, Dance! - screener

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Dance Little Chief, Dance!

Year: 2017, 54 mins
Code: FC-Dance

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Whether through dance, theatre or slam, the young Caledonian artist Siman Wenethem seeks to transmit the values of the custom to show the youth of his country as a reappropriation of culture is possible. But since his father's cancer started, the young Kanak is asking himself a lot of questions. He is destined to inherit the heavy burden of his father, a chief on the island of Lifou. 

Will he accept to leave his friends and his passions in Nouméa to become in his turn "little chief" of his tribe?

Through the singular career of this young Kanak, this documentary explores how art, and especially how hip-hop dance, can create a new form of dialogue and expression between New Caledonian youth and their traditional cultures.

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