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Cosmic Wheel of the Zodiac

A Song Cycle by Margaret Brandman

Year: 2011, 40 mins
Code: MAB-Cosmic

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Twelve original songs composed by Margaret Brandman to the lyrics of Benita Rainer.
Performed by the Prague Mixed Chamber Choir.

We are all different, and yet we all share inner truths as expressed in Margaret Brandman’s transformative melodies.

So many of us wonder about the big picture questions in life.  Why are we here?  What is the best I can do in my lifetime? Cosmic Wheel of the Zodiac, with lyrics by astrologer Benita Rainer, presents a cosmic rumination for meditation upon these great questions. These songs guide you through the labyrinth of the Cosmos, which, as perfectly attested to in “As above, so below,” is also the labyrinth of your mind; as what is without has its genesis in what is within.

Let yourself relax down into what are the key feature blueprints of your life’s sun sign. What is your essence?  Your essential features that guide your inner world’s expansion, your externalizations? The twelve songs in the Cosmic Wheel cycle cover a universal span, from each sign’s deepest motivation for love, to each soul’s most heartfelt desire for spiritual expression.


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Margaret Brandman is an accomplished pianist, composer, arranger and music educator who has performed and lectured both in her home of Australia and abroad. She has composed music for a variety of instrumental combinations and voice. Her publications include a complete range of music education materials including Accent on Music (High School text) and the Contemporary Piano Method.

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