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Composer Tunes

Year: 2007, 120 mins
Code: KD-StuCom

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Eight biopics providing easy access to classical music and its composers:
Bach – Beethoven – Bizet – Chopin – Paganini – Verdi – Wagner – Webern

This fascinating documentary presents eight biopics providing informative and entertaining shorts about classical music composers. This film will appeal to music lovers of all generations with story-based portraits and re-enacted shorts of world famous composers.

An informative and entertaining look at classical music:
• story-based portraits with human-touch elements
• re-enacted shorts
• informative & entertaining
• classical music for a larger public, young & old alike
• cinema-like shots on 35 mm
• high production values

Just see for yourself and "… hear with eyes …"! - (Shakespeare, sonnet 23)

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