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Claes Oldenburg

Year: 1996, 53 mins
Code: AH-Claes
ISBN: 978-3-939873-25-9

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Giant hamburgers and soft toilets - his images of consumerism, executed in disorientating materials and dimensions, and environments made Claes Oldenburg a key figure in Pop Art. Today, his landscape art and large sculptures are modern monuments which have made this American artist famous far beyond the art world.

Gerald Fox accompanied Oldenburg during the construction, in 1995, of one of these large-scale projects and the preparation of his Anthology retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum. Artists like Roy Lichtenstein give a glimpse into the world of a multi-faceted artist who transforms everyday objects into both sensual and ironical artworks.

Director: Gerald Fox

"Eine moderne, bunte, abwechslungsreiche Dokumentation über einen vielseitigen und originellen Künstler." Kunst aktuell, Ausgabe 5/2008

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