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Cinexpérimentaux # 8 Light Cone Cooperative

Year: 1929-1992, 55 mins
Code: RV-Cin8

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Light Cone is an experimental film distribution cooperative, founded in Paris in 1982. This film covers different moments of its existence, showing its spirit, practice and daily routines, thus shedding light on one aspect of the french experimental cinema community. The strength of contemporary experimental cinema has encouraged us to meet and to film the most active filmmakers, distributors, movers and shakers in this art form.
This developed into a number of autonomous portraits, forming a series demonstrating the plurality of approaches and practices in experimental film. Our independent productions introduce or complement the work of the artists, technicians, distributors and programmers who participate in the life of contemporary art cinema.

Bonus extras:
Germaine Dulac Arabesque 1929, silencieux, 6:21 mins.
Robert Breer Eyewash 1959, 2:10 mins.
Gill Eatherley Hand Grenade 1971, 5:15 mins.
Metamkine ACIDFILMDA 1992, 5:25 mins.

DVD by Light Cone Cooperative

Frédérique Devaux and Michel Amarger have been making experimental films and documentaries since 1980. Frédérique Devaux is film critic and professor. Michel Amarger is a journalist, specializing in cinema, for Radio France International.

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