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Cinexpérimentaux # 6 Marcel Hanoun

Year: 2003, 65 mins
Code: RV-Cin6

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Marcel Hanoun, one of the most innovative of filmmakers, gives us what he names "a lesson in cinema."

Frédérique Devaux and Michel Amarger filmed this piece at his country house, composing an abundantly rich portrait. Film clips and sparks of theoretic bravura testify to the feverish creativity and the drunken agitation behind which lurks the ever-composed voice of the filmmaker.

Marcel Hanoun was born in 1928 in Tunisia.  A photographer and journalist, he has directed, since 1955, many significant works in the history of the creation of filmic forms.  An essayist on cinema as well, Hanoun co-founded several critical reviews in the 60s and 70s. This engaged creator is cameraman and editor of most of his films.  His body of work is at once subversive and ascetic known throughout the world, and respected by many great artists.

“The strength of contemporary experimental cinema has encouraged us to meet and to film the most active filmmakers, distributors, movers and shakers in this art form.  This developed into a number of autonomous portraits, forming a series demonstrating the plurality of approaches and practices in experimental film.  Our independent productions introduce or complement the works of the artists, technicians, distributors and programmers who participate in the life of contemporary art cinema.” -  Frederique Devaux and Michel Amarger

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