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China Screen: Hero or Rebel

Year: 2021
Code: IC-CSHero

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Artisans of a new society at work in Macau.

Macau, once a Portuguese colony, was returned to China on the 20th December 1999, following the example of the former British colony Hong Kong. It is today the undisputed Asian Queen of Casinos: its gambling and gaming activities generate a staggering annual turnover of 45.2 billion US dollars, three times the turnover of Las Vegas.

But in May 2014, more than 20,000 young people went out into the streets, defying bans and demanding change. The non reported demonstrations, their preparations and their aftermath, have been filmed over 18 months by a small team of young Macau filmmakers, volunteers and enthusiasts. The film invites the viewer to witness these movements by shedding light on what exactly happened and why. As we follow the events over time, three of the main players will lead us behind the scenes offering compelling insights. Sulu is a teacher, Jason is a computer engineer and ManTeng is a croupier in one of the casinos. Despite their differences in experience and background, they are united by one desire: to create for the Macau people the conditions that will make their lives more worthy, more fraternal and more just.

Without providing answers, our documentary observes the events and offers a unique opportunity to see this area of China from the inside. Maybe these demonstrations were just a dream of Utopia? The question is important, since no one knows yet in China, whether questioning the established order is a bene cial or destructive civic act.

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