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Carsten Höller


Year: 2006, 39 mins
Code: SEV-Carsten

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Tim Marlow, television's most engaging art expert, takes an exclusive look behind the scenes of Carsten Höller's Test Site installation in Tate Modern's Turbine Hall.

The Test Site is set of five stainless steel slides intended to propel members of the public down from the highest floors of the Tate Modern to the very bottom. The slides invite visitors to become part of the art, move out of their comfort zone, free their senses and slide... Somewhere between a monumental set of sculptural forms and an oversized, rather menacing, playground, Höller describes his creation as "a unique experience which forces you to let go, to give up control and think, oh my God, I'm going into the abyss."

Featuring a rare filmed interview with Höller and with unique access from the early stages through to the opening day, this film charts the progress one of the most successful art projects in the world.

"Tremendously exciting" - Independent

"superb commentary and analysis…a real pleasure" - Daily Telegraph

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