Carol Rudyard: Video Installation - screener

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Carol Rudyard: Video Installation

Year: 2007, 77 mins
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Following a period of painting, prominent Australian artist Carol Rudyard began to develop a particular form of video installation which, for her, became a vehicle for an oblique and poetic commentary on contemporary society.
Made in the climate of post-modernism, recognisable tendencies of the time such as irony, appropriation, lack of narrative structure and a fusion of fine art with popular culture are evident in these works.

Viewers are constantly engaged in an attempt to find new meanings in the flow of image and sound. Later projects, whilst retaining structural similarity, are less a critique of notions relating to art/art context and are more involved with issues

Carol Rudyard came to art late in life, completing formal studies when she was aged in her late forties.She is now regarded as one of Western Australia’s most important new-media artists. Born in England, she settled in Western Australia in 1950.

In 1956 Rudyard began designing textiles, quickly achieving both commercial and artistic successes. She also painted watercolours, and won the Festival of Perth Poster Prize for an untitled work in 1964. Rudyard enrolled in an Associate Diploma in Art at the West Australian Institute of Technology from 1968-1970. She won the Mundaring Art Prize in 1970, and began teaching at at the West Australian Institute of Technology in 1971.
Her paintings of the 1970s were influenced by her interest in music and contemporary trends in American Abstract painting.
Rudyard travelled to Europe in 1972 and held her first solo exhibition in 1973. After completing a postgraduate diploma in visual art at Curtin University in 1981, Rudyard began to abandon painting for audio visual mediums, particularly video installations. Her 'Langco' (1986) is held in the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Rudyard was awarded an honourary Doctor of Letters from Curtin University in 1999, and made a Living Treasure of the State of Western Australia in 2004.

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