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Caro at Chatsworth


Year: 2012, 23 mins
Code: SEV-Caro

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In this exhibition, the radical abstract steel structures of one of the world’s leading artists, Sir Anthony Caro, are for the first time set in the elegant grounds of Chatsworth House in North East Derbyshire.

Best known as the artist who knocked sculpture off the pedestal and onto the floor, Caro’s art is more often seen inside a gallery but here, for the first time, he mounts a major exhibition in the open air.

The architectural play between the classical house and Caro’s avant-garde sculptures is deftly shown in this film. Join Tim Marlow and Sir Anthony as they explore the sculptures at Chatsworth House and trace the evolution of Caro’s art and ideas during his long career.

Presenter: Tim Marlow
Director: Ben Harding
Producer: Phil Grabsky

“Marlow’s easy style and accessible language are as enjoyable as ever” –  Time Out

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