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Butoh East & West: The Making of Gaia (Documentary)

Year: 2010, 25 mins
Code: MLA-ButohPt1

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Surreal, Sublime, Spiritual. Extreme and Confrontational - all words that have been used in an attempt to capture the essence of Butoh. This underground but significant dance-theatre movement originated in Japan but has influenced many Western theatre artists, particularly the Australian physical theatre company Zen Zen Zo.

In 2009, Japan's oldest and largest Butoh company visited Zen Zen Zo in Australia to train together and develop a new collaboration. This 30-minute documentary tracks this fascinating cultural event focusing on the way that Zen Zen Zo's Artistic Director Lynne Bradley has been influenced and inspired by her master teachers.

The documentary includes training footage, rehearsals and interviews, as well as a montage from the final performance entitled Gaia, an impacting new work which reflects on the current state of"mother earth".

Included is a 20-minute supplementary chapter showing Zen Zen Zo teachers leading the company through 2 key Butoh exercises, which are easily adaptable to the classroom context.

Contains brief partial nudity in line with Butoh performance tradition.

ZEN ZEN ZO PHYSICAL THEATRE, founded in 1992, is one of the leading providers of professional in-schools workshops, residencies, and educational resources in Australia.

ZEN MOTION is the media division of Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre, which aims to educate and inspire an emerging generation of arts leaders and practitioners by exposing students to world theatre practices through innovative DVDs and classroom materials.

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