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Boris Lehman : Club Antonin Artaud

by Boris Lehman (Club Antonin Artaud)

Year: 1985-2010, 197 mins
Code: RV-ClubAPt1

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On January 10th 1962, in the boisterous context of anti-psychiatry movements, the Club Antonin Artaud was born in Brussels, at the instigation of former mental patients and some of their therapists. In this avant-garde space, a designated center of social and cultural rehabilitation, Boris Lehman created a filmmaking group, the first of its kind. In eighteen years, about one hundred films were made, individually and collectively: documentaries, fictions and experimental films.They are not therapeutic films, they are rather art brut experiences.We have selected seven.


Ne pas stagner
Le ventre, un super-monde
Mon délire, le Saint-Michel
Maurice D.

Boris Lehman, Paul Davay, Serge Daney,  René Paquot, Philippe Reynaert, Romain Schneid

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