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Year: 2004, 92 mins
Code: NY-Blow
ISBN: 978-1-922007-13-1

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Written and directed by David Pledger, artistic director of the company “not yet it's difficult” and made in collaboration with the company, BLOWBACK is agit-prop tele-theatre, part science fiction, part documentary and part absurdist metaphor.
Using the body and video as double agents, not yet it's difficult investigates the dark and violent world of an Australia subject to a new imperial master. BLOWBACK tracks the story of cultural activists who hack into New Australia's joint communications facility. Onto the facility's operating system, they encrypt visual information from a banned Australian soap-opera which the group hopes will incite a popular uprising. Inspired by George Bush's Project For The New American Century, not yet it's difficult crosses technology with flesh, acting with noise, comedy with commotion and critique with innuendo to create a clear and present danger for a future Australia.

The video is a performance recording of the 2004 Melbourne season.
World Premiere: St Kilda Army and Navy Club, Melbourne 2004
Sydney Opera House, Sydney 2006


Please contact NYID at for a PDF of the script. Companion book recommendation:  a chapter is dedicated to NYID production Blowback in

Making Contemporary Theatre- International rehearsal processes


NYID Entry Working under the artistic direction of David Pledger, not yet it's difficult (NYID) is one of Australia's leading independent arts companies recognised as as a pioneer in the development of contemporary theatre, art form hybridisation, creative utilisation of new media, cross-cultural dialogue and new models of international collaboration.

Over the long term, the company has developed seminal dramaturgical strategies for applying a unique methodological approach to the research, development and making of physical performance. From the mid-1990s, the company led the way in the integration of media in live performance and, in its most recent phase, it has created screen-based visual art projects in which a performative element is integrated into the artwork through lo and hi-tech, and interactive modes of presentation. These development streams are not mutually exclusive. They flow in parallel and often intersect causing change and evolution, developing an oeuvre that is distinctive, innovative and adventurous. This dedicated approach has placed NYID at the forefront of experimental companies in the independent international arts scene.

In Australia, NYID have led the challenge to mainstream representations of culture in society and forged Asian-Australian engagements where they have originated workable systems for complex international artistic collaborations. The consistent and profound engagement with Asia features projects of exchange, collaboration and co-production in Korea, China, Japan and Malaysia. The company has also developed and/or presented work in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Slovenia, Hawaii, Brazil, England and Ireland.

Founded in 1995 by Pledger, Peter Eckersall and Paul Jackson, NYID have produced almost 50 local, national and international projects including original performance works, plays, public space projects, workshop and research programs, interactive cinema, television and site-specific screen-based installations.


Blowback was shortlisted for the Louis Esson Prize for Drama at the Victorian Premier's Literary Awards

"Pledger has recreated hat oldest of theatrical tropes: the theatrum mundi, or the theatre as a little world, a literal extension of our own society through which one can model and debate concepts." Inpress

"...disorienting, discomforting and often brutal " The Age

"Blowback is a potent and unusual theatrical experience...a hard-edge blend of complex, hi-tech and brutally physical theatre." The Herald Sun

"Blowback produces a commentary quite unlike anything else I've seen." Real Time

..a complex, thought-provoking and multi-levelled piece of political theatre"  Sydney Stage Online

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