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Big Dreamers

Year: 2009, 55 mins
Code: BCA-Bigdream

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Once upon a time there was a tiny sugar-producing township called Tully in Far North Queensland, Australia. Tully is renowned for its endless sugar fields and...rain. One day the townsfolk were shocked by the devastating news that Brazil had dumped its sugar on the world market.
Not being one to knock back a challenge, life-time resident and Rotary Club member Ron Hunt calls a meeting with the town leaders to see what can be done to save Tully from financial rack and ruin. Ron proposes to build The World's Biggest Gumboot in honour of Tully's record rainfall of 7.98 metres in 1950.
As the boot goes further and further over the deadline, Ron starts to have misgivings. Six months later the town wants to know where their $90,000 boot is? How will this affect Ron's reputation? Will the Big Golden Gumboot, complete with the green frog clinging precariously to the side make a difference to the town's overall economy?

Only time will tell.


Camille Hardman is a tenacious filmmaker who developed a thirst for filmmaking while living in New York in 1993, working as a runner on a feature film. The following year she did work experience in the Channel 10 news room and the Stables Theatre for the Griffin Theatre Company. Camille soon landed a job with Grainger Television holding various positions as Director, Principal Camera and Production Manager and researcher, maintaining responsibility for some twenty animal and travel documentaries for Discovery USA & UK, Travel Channel USA & UK, Channel 7 (Aust), RAI (Italy) to name a few. In 1997 Camille established BarkingCat Productions - specialising in corporate and promotional videos for many well known international companies. In 1998 Camille worked with Robyn Kershaw as Assistant Producer on the award winning and distinctly Australian international feature Looking for Alibrandi Camille is now diecting her focus on pure documentary making. Concentrating on stories that express and showcase the human condition in all its forms. She is extremely enthusiastic about BarkingCat Productions and developing a strong and solid reputation worldwide.

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