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China Screen: Beyond the World

Year: 2018, 16 mins
Code: IC-CSBeyond

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A personal film exploring the spiritual World and the mysteries surrounding the end of Life.

Yanlin, a 22-year-old Chinese filmmaker, has never believed in sayings about ghosts and spirits. However, at her grandma’s funeral, Yanlin is told that her grandma was a medium, one who could be possessed by a spirit called “Gong”.

To understand what is spiritualism and what happened to her grandmother in the past, Yanlin sets out on a journey by first attending a public mediumship demonstration in Edinburgh, trying to find evidence of the spiritual world, and then has a private meeting with medium Ewan, to seek for a message from her dead grandma. She finally returns to China to get to the bottom of who the spirit “Gong” is, where the family mystery unfolds.

“Beyond the World” is a personal odyssey in search of the hidden family story of her Chinese grandmother’s past – being a medium. The film explores meanings of the spiritual world and the search for an understanding of the end of Life.Chinese countryside.

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