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Better In Than Out

Length: 16 mins
Code: RFI-Better

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A documentary about Rwandan genocide prisoners freed by the presidential amnesty, which plumbs the depths of the country’s moral ambiguities with surprising candour.

Set in a prison on the outskirts of Kigali, it begins with the news that President Kagame has issued a pardon freeing low-level offenders convicted of genocide crimes. The action follows a group of convicts on the eve of their release, making joyful plans for their reentry into society.

I will sell a cow…buy some land…marry…buy a mobile phone” says one prisoner, staring dreamily into the middle distance.

Only one man among them seems so haunted by his conscience that a return to normal life is impossible.

You want to be released,” he tells the others, “but your hearts have not confessed.”

Directed by Runanira Richmond
Edited by Uwayezu Olivier

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