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Bali: Acting Techniques of Topeng, Masked Theatre of Bali

Year: 1980, 39 mins
Code: MS-Top

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John Emigh introduces the masked theatre of Bali and shows how masks may be used as a guide to the interpretation of character. Part I demonstrates the walk which is basic to all other physical movements. Part II illustrates numerous variations on the basic walk and Part III illustrates the wide variety of character types and voices that is possible to achieve with the masks. 

John Emigh is Professor Emeritus from the Departments of Theatre, Speech and Dance and of English at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island. Emigh taught at Brown from 1967 to 2009. Since his retirement, he has mainly been teaching and directing in the Brown/Trinity Rep MFA program. Farley Richmond is the pioneering figure in Indian theatre scholarship in the United States. He hastaught and headed departments at University of Michigan and SUNY Stoy Brook and is presently teaching at the University of Georgia. heistrainedin Kutiyattam, on of Indias oldest classical theatre forms, andisa key figure in bringing it to world attention.

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