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Award Winning Shorts: Volume 2

Year: 2002, 59 mins
Code: AFT-Awa2

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These award winning short films were produced by the Australian, Film, Television and Radio School. It features short films which won several prestigious international and national awards.

CLOWN DOCTORS - 2000. 26 mins. 
Dr Fruitloopa and Dr Bubba-Louey want to infect Australian hospitals with laughter. Before they open the first Clown Doctor Unit in Brisbane, they need to select two new doctors who can perform very special "open heart" surgery.

Winner: Bronze Plaque in Student Division, Columbus International Film & Video Awards, USA, 2000.

BEHIND THE MASK - 1998. 20,5 mins.
A group of pre-adolescents from Melbourne adopt the ancient ritual of mask making and storytelling in search for a voice to express their thoughts and feelings, as they make the transition from shildhood into adulthood. This culminates in a compelling performance in front of their elders and peers - their parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers and friends. 

Rubberman accepts the Nobel Prize in his native language of dance, which is simultaneously translated into English for broadcast worldwide. This stretchy comedy is a fantastical display of superheroic feats through which Rubberman shows us why action figures deserve more respect.

- Best Production Design, AFTRS Critic's Circle Awards 2001
- Finalist Shepparton Shorts Short Film Festival, Australia 2002.

THE GREAT SASCHA - 2000. 7,5 mins. 
A great mime artist at the end of his career finds himself performing in a two-bit circus, unable to gain acceptance from his peers.but things change one night for the Great Sascha, a night when the mime becomes real...

Finalist: Camerimage International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography, Poland, 2000. 

The Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) is Australia's national screen arts and broadcast school. The school is an Australian Commonwealth government statutory authority. It is a member of the "Australian Roundtable for Arts Training Excellence". AFTRS focus is to advance the success of Australia's screen arts and broadcast industries by developing the skills and knowledge of talented individuals and undertaking research.

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