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Award Winning Shorts: Volume 1

Year: 2000, 51 mins
Code: AFT-Awa1

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These award winning short films were produced by the Australian, Film, Television and Radio School.  It features short films which won several prestigious international and national awards.

PALACE CAFE - 1993. 5 mins. 
It is late at night ... and a lonely man dreams of coffee and romance.
- AFTRS Ampex Award for Audio Excellence 1993
- Gold Plaque, Student Comedy at Chicago International Film Festival 1993
- Newvisions Films Award for Direction, St Kilda Fil Festival 1994 
- Australian Cinematographers Society Award 1994
- General Category, Dendy Awards, Sydney Film Festival 1994
- Best Short Film, Asia-Pacific Film Festival 1994
- Best Soundtrack DAKINO International Students Film Festival Romania 1994. 

RESTORATION - 1999. 12 mins.
On a remote New South Wales property in 1912, the image was captured of a young woman who worked as a maid. Her calm gaze hid pasions that emerged to subvert her fate. In 'Restoration' fragments of memory combine in photography and dance to retell her story.

- Silver Award Student Cinematography ACS Awards 1999
- Best Dance Film, Ausdance Awards, 1999
- Best Original Music in a Short Film, AGSC Awards, 1999
- General Category, Dendy Awards, Sydney Film Festival 2000
- Jury Prize, Short Film Competition, Long Beach International Film Festival USA 2000. 

THE DRIP - 1996. 7,5 mins.
No matter what the doting Helmut does, his wife Gertrude is never satisfied. But things are about to change. When an ever-increasing drip starts falling from the sky onto Gertrude's head, it's Helmut to the rescue.

- Best Director and Best Sound "Watch my Shorts" Film Festival Melbourne 1997
- Finalist for Best Sound in a Non-Feature Film AFI Awards 1997
- Best Film Nescafe Awards Sydney 1998
- Bronze Plaque Columbus International Film & Video Festival, USA 1998. Synopsis:

UNIVERSAL APPLIANCE CO. - 1994. 10 mins.
1954. An inventor finally gets a chance to mass produce his latest creation at the Universal Appliance Co factory. The production line runs smoothly until advertising and romance become distractions ...

- Dolby Stereo Award, Australia 1993; Best Sound in a Non-Feature AFI Awards 1994
- Silver Plaque, Humor/Satire Category, Chicago International Film Festival USA 1994
- France Supervision Prize, Henri Langlois International Student Film Festival France 1994
- Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing in a Student Film, Motion Picture Sound Editors Guild Awards, Los Angeles, 1995
- Special Award to further filmmaking skills, ATOM Awards, Melbourne 1995.

WEEPING WILLOW - 2001. 10 mins 30.
Weeping Willow is a story about a man coming to terms with his grief for his best friend ... his mum. Through dance, Gary lang takes us on a journey through the three stages of grieving and gives us a strong message of cherishing those we love while we still have them.

- Highly Commended Student Category ACS Awards Australia 2002.

ZIPPER - 1998. 6 mins. 
Live action, choreography, animation and painting combine in a breathless trip through 20th century images in art and fashion - as you may not have seen them before.

- Honourable Mention, Australian Effects & Animation Festival Sydney 1999
- Commeded General Category, Dendy Awards, Sydney Film Festival 1999.

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