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Arvo Pärt: The Early Years

A Film by Dorian Supin

Year: 1990, 59 mins
Code: AH-ArvoEarly

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The Estonian Arvo Pärt is widely regarded as one of today’s most original creators of music. Largely self-taught, he is remote from the mainstream of the contemporary avant-garde.

Much of his music is bound up with sacred texts and has a shimmeringly mystical, devotional quality, underscored by the use of Renaissance harmonizations, medieval melodic techniques and even Gregorian chant.

His work was described in the “Financial Times” as “music of a magical stillness, the work of a very distinctive creative voice, almost impossible to classify, who seems to have appeared without obvious historical progenitors.”

Film of rehearsals, recording sessions and concert performances is interwoven with more intimate footage of Pärt with his family. Music featured in the programmes includes Pärt’s "Miserere", "Cantus", "Pari Intervallo" and Eri Klas conducting "Credo" and "Festina Lente". 

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