Animation in the Classroom - Applications and Inspiration - screener

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Animation in the Classroom - Applications and Inspiration

Year: 2010, 16 mins
Code: PF-Anima
ISBN: 978-1-921882-26-5

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The DVD is a compilation of several examples of video artist Paul Fletcher’s work applying animation in the classroom. Examples include:

Presenting Information with Animation
shows how to engage the audio and kinetic learning senses using sound, image and animation to present factual information.

Drawing on Film
This project is an old “direct film” technique; actual lengths of 16mm movie film are drawn on with texta colours, the film is then projected and in this case filmed on to video and digital formats.

Flipbook Animation – Metamorphosis.
This is a time honoured introductory, low-cost, accessible and highly useful animation process for all ages. In the first example primary school age students traced their outlines of 6 to 12 drawings focussing on a movement that might repeat itself in nature - a loop or cycle, such as a person bouncing a ball, someone jumping on trampoline. In the second example the students were asked to take the first letter of their name and make it change into something the like.

Plasticine - rapid, improvised straight-ahead animation.
A popular exercise where by a ball of clay is gradually changed into something else by changing its shape and position.

Animation and Visual Effects as Story Starter
This is an example of the flights of fancy animation can allow and a case of taking a ridiculous proposition and running with it! In this case the artist brought a potato into the prep class and asked what if you could fly in this potato? This idea was brought to life with the animation and visual effect known as “compositing”. Compositing is the combining and modification of originally totally separate footage in this case the potato and the images of the school yard, surround town and school children.

Lightbox Silhouette Animation
Sand, leaves sticks, alphabet noodles were placed on a lightbox. 3 or 4 children finger painted in the sand and repositioned the objects before each photo was taken (or frame captured to a computer). This technique can be adapted or integrated with the filming of silhouette puppet theatre.

Integrating Performing Arts in Animated World
This piece integrates animated drawings from early years and circus tricks , somersaults etc, on the footy oval from the older years all appearing in an imaginary circus collaged together from photos and digital painting.

Environment Literature and Music.
Professor Tuan – There’s a party in the leaf litter   successfully integrated animation and environmental science, land-care, the making of a rap song, voice performance and recording, acting news show composited into a virtual set.

From the  project website:

Invaluable teaching resource for all ages!

Paul started experimenting with Super 8 film in his last two years of high school, 1978/79. At this time he produced several films, using Super 8 to experiment with audio visual collage techniques, drawing and direct manipulation of film media, basic pixillation and stop motion. He completed a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art/Media Art at Philip Institute (now RMIT) specialising in sound, film/video and screenprinting. In 2008 Paul completed a Masters in Film & Television on the subject of "An Abstract Narrative form of film" at VCAM Faculty of Melbourne University. Between 1980 and 1985 he performed as a drummer for experimental music group "Essendon Airport" and pursued a lifelong interest in collecting junk, in particular discarded trinkets and toys. This collection led to the production of 15 short films. These stopmotion animated, Super 8 films were both individualistic and ironic pastiches of mainstream cliches and forms such as, Soap Opera, Romance, Horror and Science Fiction, and the now common Mockumentary; all in highly condensed and mangled form. Films from this period include Dolls (1981), Space Mutants (1982), Rover Dog Elvis (1983). In the early nineties Paul moved into the production of a twenty minute animated film on 16mm Watch This Space (1991) and then quickly moved back to the do it yourself low budget ethic in its new digital form with Josie and the Tecno Bunnies (1993), and Virtual Shopper (1995). Presently Paul has been continuing his fascination with the relationship of sound and animated motion creating short films, installations and working as sound and music composer for Robert Stephenson's animated film Lucky For Some (2004), Tom Fraser's The boy who loved the rain (2006), and Magda Booths' Broken Spell (2007) and Dot Com (2008). Susan Mc Minns' The Last Warhorse.Paul is currently a Lecturer in the Animation Department of the VCA School of Film & Television, and is also working collaboratively with multi-discipline central Victorian art collective Punctum, and Undue Noise and Equivocal. Paul continues his individual film and live performance projects. 2006 saw the development of a live cinema performance system for the project Dreamlake. Hidden Creatures is an ongoing animated film and public exhibition project which began in 2008. 2009 saw the premiere of Insectaesthesia included as a live art improvised film construction at Castlemaine State Festival 2009 and as a linear short film in MIAF, the Melbourne International Animation Festival.

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