And the Alley She Whitewashed in Light Blue - screener

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And the Alley She Whitewashed in Light Blue

Year: 2019, 73 mins
Code: NP-Alley

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At a time of existential threat to the physical and human environment we live in, Architect Nili Portugali takes us into a deeply intimate journey in the Galilean 'Kabbala' holy city of Tsefat, the birth place and hometown of her family since early 19th century, where her grandmother Rivka founded her hotel, in a small stone building around a patio at the end of an alley in the old city.

Reconstructing in her unique meditative cinematic language her childhood memories engraved on each stone of the city's history. An invisible city with cultural heritage of more than 1000 years that no longer exists and is totally forgotten. A childhood journey that unfolds gradually in to a discovery of profound universal insights of:

What is their secret of all those great timeless buildings, cities, villages, tents and temples of the past endowed with beauty and soul in which man feels 'at home'! , and what is that One pure 'art of making' which is thousands of years old that creates them at any culture, at any place and at any time.

A discovery from her present holistic / phenomenological / Buddhist / scientific point of view, replacing current thoughts and approaches.

"Using my body of knowledge and experience I have been accumulating for more than 40 years of multidisciplinary creative work (both in practice and academic) in the Visual arts; Writing and Architecture as my main profession, the film both in form and content, explore and cross new boundaries, and straddle the line between art and cinema“.

Nili Portugali is a well-known practicing Architect; senior lecturer; researcher and published author.

Her multidisciplinary work both in practice and theory is closely connected to the holisticphenomenological school of thought. She is 7th generation descendant of a family living in the holly 'Kabbala' city of Tsefat, Israel since the early 19th century.

She was a senior lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem and at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion, Haifa. She is a Guest lecturer at MIT, Harvard, Carleton University, Oxford University, TU Stuttgart; TU Dresden; TU Delft, Tsinghua University China.

Her first book: The Act of Creation and The Spirit of A Place/ A Holistic-Phenomenological Approach to Architecture/ Edition Axel Menges Stuttgart/London was listed in the books of the year by the Royal Institute of British Architects (R.I.B.A).

Graduated at the A.A. School of Architecture - London; Post G selected studies in Architecture & Buddhism at U.C Berkeley; Film studies at the Tel-Aviv University.

She did research work in the 'Center for Environmental Structure' Berkeley, with Prof. Chris Alexander. Among the world-known buildings she designed is: 'The Felicja Blumenthal Music Center and Library' at the historic heart of Tel-Aviv.

The film she directed; edited and did the production design can be seen as the third of a TRILOGY following the buildings she designed as an architect.

In the book Review by URBAN DESIGN International / Palgrave Macmillan Journals it was written: "PORTUGALI’S QUIET REVOLUTION MAY BE THE ONE THAT PASSES THE ULTIMATE TEST OF TIME"

Her work is documented in books, in the Dictionair De l’Architeture Du xxe Scielle / Hazan Publication France, in professional journals, in the press and on TV.

Her work was exhibited in the Venice Architecture Biennale, Barcelona Spain, Linz Austria, San Paolo Architecture Biennale and more.

Festivals & Awards

  • Mumbai International film festival, India (World premiere)
  • EPOS- The International Art Film Festival, Israel
  • Maine International film festival, US
  • Lund International Architecture Film Festival, Sweden
  • 100 ARCH7ITECTS OF THE YEAR Exhibition, Korea
  • Istanbul Experimental Film Festival
  • Blow-Up International Arthouse film festival, Chicago
  • O PLATEAU Festival International de Cinema da Praia
  • New Delhi Film Festival, India
  • Inca Imperial International Film Festival, Lima (Peru) - AWARD
  • Gerona International Film Festival
  • Polish International Film Festival ,Warsaw  - AWARD


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