An Interview with Albie Thoms - screener

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An Interview with Albie Thoms

Year: 2013, 63 mins
Code: KD-Albie
ISBN: 978-1-922007-69-8

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This precious interview had been planned by Albie Thoms and Kriszta Doczy for the entire year in 2012 while Albie was battling with his illness and using every drop of his energy to finish his book "My Gen" about the Sixtieth alternative underground film makers and artists in Sydney. Finally, just three weeks before he passed away Albie talked to Kriszta and the camera.

Their conversation covered a wide range of topics: his early theatre experiments with absurd plays, becoming a film maker, the UBU experimental film group's work, government politics, rebellion, and the emerging of Sydney's counterculture amongst others. He speaks about the why and how of being an "experimental" artist and the bravery needed to not belong to the mainstream.

The interview is illustrated with original photos, film clips, excerpts of performances and most importantly with selected clips from Albie's experimental films.

This film is dedicated to Albie Thoms, a much loved and respected figure in Australian culture and film history.

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