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Altered States: Theatre in a World of Social and Political Change - IRELAND

Year: 2000, 58 mins
Code: TR-Alt

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"Altered States" is a series of programs examining the ways in which Theatre and Drama respond to social and political change. Theatre professionals discuss the meaning, function and purpose of their work within the context of their particular culture. The Theatre of Northern Ireland exists within a unique context. A history of social and political conflict, paradoxically, has generated vigorous cultural production that is keenly focused. The Arts come to the fore in turbulent times. In this program, theatre workers, directors and playwrites talk about the role of theatre as: - a means of exploring identity, values and principles, - a means of providing a mediated dialogue between the two communities. Produced by Tony Redmond , Australian Catholic University, 2000 Recommended for higher education courses in Drama, Social and Political Studies.

Produced by Tony Redmond

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