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Alfred Hitchcock

Year: 1972, 56 mins
Code: CAT-Alf

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Two interviews with the film master explore many of his ideas, career decisions, and his film aesthetic and techniques. Part 1 is an interview by Pia Lindstrom, daughter of Hitchcock leading lady Ingrid Bergman. Discussion topics include: what is fear?, method acting vs. film acting, the difference between the usual "Who Done It" mystery and real suspense, choice of leading ladies and why (Bergman, Baxter, Kelly, Saint, Leigh, etc.), the use of humor as a release in a tense situation.

Part 2 is an interview by film historian William Everson, with emphasis on the beginning of Hitchcock's career, years in Britain, and the early films , including "Number Seventeen" and "The Lodger". Discussion topics include film techniques and how Hitchcock got to Hollywood. With many film excerpts including "Dial M for Murder","Strangers on a Train", " Foreign Correspondent", "Young and Innocent", "Spellbound", "Notorious", "Stage Fright", "I Confess", "The Birds", "Psycho", "Frenzy", "The 39 Steps", "The Man Who Knew Too Much.".

Richard Warren Schickel was an American film historian, journalist, author, documentarian, and film and literary critic. He was a film critic for Time magazine from 1965–2010, and also wrote for Life magazine and the Los Angeles Times Book Review. His last writings about film were for Truthdig.

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