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Agnes Varda and Susan Sontag: Lions and Cannibals

Year: 1969, 28 mins
Code: CAT-Agnes

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This conversation explores the cinema approaches and thinking of film directors Agnes Varda and Susan Sontag, who were among the small group of artists represented in the prestigious seventh annual New York Film Festival (1969). Here they discuss their ideas and their films with Jack Kroll, senior editor at Newsweek Magazine.
Excerpts from both their films illustrate the conversation. Varda and Sontag talk of their aesthetic and the possible similarities in their work: both films concern the problems of tortured personalities, politics and the grotesque in everyday matters. Susan Sontag is best known as a literary critic; "Duet for Cannibals" is her first film, shot on location in Sweden. Agnes Varda is a French director who shot her picture, "Lions' Love" in the United States.

Merrill Brockway, a producer and director of several PBS arts programs who was best known for his work on the Great Performances spinoff Dance in America, died May 3 in Santa Fe, N.M. He was 90.

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