Affective Design: fuckCRASH - screener

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Affective Design: fuckCRASH

Year: 2007, 50 mins
Code: STA-Crash

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Affective Design - Theatre Productions
As a selection from the theatre works of Serge Tampalini this film offers both the students of theatre design and production, as well as of contemporary theatre practice, an opportunity to enjoy a visually stunning sojourn into the imagination of a designer whose works range from the evocatively beautiful to the more challengingly experimental and multi-media projects. Available individually and as a set of three.

Adaptation by Tanya Visosevic and Serge Tampalini.
Direction and design: Serge Tampalini.
Photography: Bronwyn Aitken.
Presented as part of the Advanced Production unit at Murdoch University, 1999.

Please note: this film has an archival quality; however, it is valuable content for research purposes.

Serge Tampalini is a theatre and design studies lecturor at Murdoch University who specialises in performance theory; aesthetics and theatre semiology, theatre design and direction as well as actor training.

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