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Adolfo Arrietta - Triologia del Angel (The Angel Trilogy)

by Adolfo Arrietta

Year: 1966, 21 mins
Code: RV-AdolImit

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A series dedicated to the Spanish filmmaker Adolpho Arrietta, with his first three films, El crimen de la pirindola (1965), La imitación del ángel (1966) and Le jouet criminel (1969).

Adolfo González Arrieta (b. in Madrid, August 28, 1942) is a Spanish filmmaker, considered as the pioneer of independent film both in Spain and France, due to the artisan quality and the unique spirit of freedom of his films. He usually uses variations of his name in the credits of his films, such as Udolfo Arrieta, Alfo Arrieta or Adolpho Arrieta.
His cinematic language is very poetic, apart from narrative conventions, which has made it to be compared with the cinema of Jean Cocteau. Having started as a painter, Arrieta began his filmmaking with the short films El crimen de la pirindola (1965) and Imitación del ángel (1966) both shot in Madrid, a milestone for independet cinema in Spain.

"An angel watching over a boy. This angelwith these wings, that Méliès could have invented, will never leave Arrietta's films. As if it had become his guardian angel, watching over his preserved childhood, a smile haunting his cruelest films... " - Emile Breton

"Arrietta scrutinizes and stalks the people he freezes on celluloid in the manner of filmmakers like Jacques Rivette, Jean Eustache and Jacques Rozier, yet, at the same time, he instills an atmosphere of fantasy reminiscent of Jean Cocteau. This symbiosis, rarely faulted, produces very beneficial effects." - Gérard Courant

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