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Actors on Acting

Year: 1966, 27 mins
Code: CAT-Act

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Advice to actors and would-be actors from professionals who, though known and respected at the time (1966) would in the decades to come gain even greater recognition. Murray Hamilton, James Earl Jones, Jack Klugman and Rip Torn give opinions on the lack of good roles, the incursions of television, Hollywood vs. Broadway, the importance of regional theater, the necessary mobility of an actor, rehearsal and experimentation, can actors have a normal family life, keeping your day job, acting as a sophisticated form of showing off, and why these stars went into acting themselves.

Tony Wickert was born as Martin Anthony Wickert. He is an actor and director, known for Boy Meets Girl (1967), Z Cars (1962) and Fly a Flag for Poplar (1974). He has been married to Rosemary Coad since 1979. He was previously married to Gillian Diamond.

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