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Actors on Acting (Australian)

Year: 1990, 28 mins
Code: AFT-Act

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Australia's leading actors critically de-construct their process, with particular emphasis on TV and film. With absorbing candour they discuss their techniques for making a character come alive and evoking authentic and believable emotional responses on stage. Featuring John Bell, Lorraine Bayly, Noni Hazelhurst, Angela Punch McGregor.

Tony began his career as an actor with the Independent Theatre and later as a founding member of the Ensemble Theatre in Sydney. Since then he has worked in and taught screen production in the UK, India (UNESCO) and Australia. While overseas he acted in numerous films/television dramas before becoming a drama director at BBC Television, and later, Yorkshire Television and London Weekend Television, then back in Australia with ABC Television in Sydney. He is currently directing for Summer Hill Media.

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