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Vagabond Crew: A Journey Through Breakdance

Year: 2015, 52 mins
Code: FC-Vagabond
ISBN: 978-2336310688

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The Vagabond Crew, one of the most successful breakdancing crews in the world, invites viewers to follow them as they attempt to win another double victory for a second consecutive year at The Battle of the Year, Europe’s biggest international breakdance competition.

Through candid interviews with both former and current Vagabond members, the film gives us an intimate look back at the group’s humble beginnings and their close relationship with Vagabond choreographer and founder, Mohamed Belarbi – a rigorous and dedicated coach who also found himself filling in the role of an active father figure to these young men.

From intense rehearsal practices to moments of self-doubt, the film follows the band of tenacious breakdancers as they physically and emotionally prepare for the most difficult battle in Vagabond history. Exposing their remarkable strength, skills and artistic expression, they demonstrate how breakdancing has since become an art, but also how the Vagabond Crew became a family, a way of life and a means of self-expression.

Languages: English, French

Director: Hafid Maï Vagabond Crew


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