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Tony Curtis: Driven to Stardom

Year: 2011, 52 mins
Code: FC-Tony

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Trapeze,” “Spartacus,” “Sweet Smell of Success,” “The Boston Strangler,” “Some Like It Hot.” Tony Curtis, the man who influenced Elvis Presley and James Dean, was one of the very first teen idols and one of the last real movie stars. 
From his difficult upbringing in the Bronx, where he was born Bernie Schwartz, to his unprecedented fame and infamous way with women, Tony Curtis: Driven to Stardom presents Mr. Curtis’s life in all its rags to riches glory. Interviews with Tony’s family, friends and co-stars (Hugh Hefner, Harry Belafonte, Debbie Reynolds, Mamie Van Doren, Piper Laurie, Theresa Russell, Jill Curtis among others!) along with exclusive footage and film clips are given deeper meaning and clarity by the most honest and intimate interview the actor may have ever given. 
Here, in the definitive film about Tony Curtis, filmmaker Ian Ayres forms this incredible material into a revealing portrait of one of the greatest Hollywood celebrities of all time.

“Tony Curtis: Driven to Stardom” explores the man’s rebellious demeanor, his struggle as a Jew in Hollywood, his difficult childhood, the brief love affair with Marilyn Monroe and his failed marriages to actresses Janet Leigh and Christine Kaufman, his courageous stance to break the color barrier with The Defiant Ones (the film that earned him an Oscar Nomination), and his entire six-decade career. A sex symbol, a matinee idol, a powerful and magnetic actor, Tony Curtis was the original movie star.

Languages: English, French, Italian

Director: Ian Ayres; Producers: French Connection Films, Overcom, Absolute Film; Partners: Leonardo SRL, Brainaction Communication; Broadcasters: Rai Storia (Italy), Czech TV (Czech Republic), CCTV (China), ViaSat (Scandinavia & Eastern Europe); Starring: Jules Audry, Jim Backus; Supporting actors: Harry Belafonte, Guillaume Cabaret, Marian Collier, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jill Vandenberg Curtis, Tony Curtis, Jessica Errero, David Gasman, Jonathan Gilmore, Hugh M. Hefner,Howard Hughes, Allan Hunter, Christine Kaufmann, Sally Kellerman, Martin Luther King, Piper Laurie, Janet Leigh, Marilyn Monroe

Opening Night Film Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival; Official Selection Toronto Jewish Film Festival; Official Selection Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival; Official Selection Rochester Jewish Film Festival

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