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Masterclass with Jacques Lecoq

Year: 1999, 42 mins
Code: LO-Masterclass

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12 lessons on movement, the neutral mask, the identifications, music, the masks, the texts …

Filmed during the documentary production of  "The two journeys of Jacques Lecoq" which is a fascinating hommage to Jacques Lecoq, who died in January 1999 and whose ideas and teachings made him one of the most influential theatre figures of recent times.

The film show Lecoq at work with students at his Paris theatre school.

Jacques Lecoq founded the school in Paris in 1956. The aim of the school is to produce a young theatre of new work, generating performance languages which emphasise the physical playing of the actor. Creative work is constantly stimulated, largely through improvisation, which is also the first approach to playwriting. The school’s sights are set on art theatre, but theatre education is broader than the theatre itself. It is not just a matter of training actors, but of educating theatre artists of all kinds : authors, directors, scenographers as well as actors.

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Jacques Lecoq was born in Paris. He was best known for his teaching methods in physical theatre, movement, and mime which he taught at the school he founded in Paris known as École internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq. He taught there from 1956 until his death from a cerebral hemorrhage in 1999.

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