2020? - screener

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Year: 2010, 30 mins
Code: SCA-2020
ISBN: 978-1-921882-75-3

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The film is a documentation of a large-scale, evolving installation that focuses attention on the future importance of environmental sustainability within artistic practice.
Beginning with the interception of numerous truckloads of industrial waste, 2020? is a process-based project involving discarded material being diverted from landfill and dumped en-masse in the Arts House space at the Meat Market in Melbourne. Prior to the project’s launch, a team of waste auditors have assessed, sorted and separated this dumped material into specific waste categories. Co-ordinator and artist Ash Keating is joined by a team of collaborating artists who will be constantly reconfiguring the salvaged materials to create their own installations, interventions, structures and object-based works.
This shifting creation happens within a dramatic backdrop of reused vinyl advertising billboards, manipulated in the tradition of culture jamming. 2020? was be under constant surveillance, with live-feeds and video-footage of the processes of the various artists’ projects and the installation’s earlier incarnations being projected back into the exhibition arena. 2020? concluded with a forum involving artists and environmentalists unpacking the conceptual and practical issues of environmental sustainability that are explored within the project.

By Scarab Studio Film, Director, Producer: Dominic Allan
Project coordinator: Ash Keating

Artists involved:
Ash Keating, with Kay Abude,
Campbell Drake,
Ardi Gunawan,
James Guerts,
Bianca Hester,
Inverted Topology,
Susan Jacobs,
Rus Kitchin,
Bridie Lunney,
Lucas Maddock,
Mia Salsjo and
Soo-Joo Yoo

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