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Digital Art / New Media

104 Titles

Interviews with more than fifty contemporary artists working in electronic art, installation, conceptual art blending poetry, science, technology, sound and video art, music and visual art. Part of it give excess to unique examples of animation, sound art and video art by prominent artists.

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  • Animation

    Animation 38 Titles The works of video & sound artists, animators and comic artists. Instructional films and related practical video lessons. Topics: comics, animation, visual poetry, narrative and sound compositions.


  • Doco / Interview

    Doco / Interview 8 Titles


  • Electronic Arts

    Electronic Arts 10 Titles A seven part series of “Kiss of Art” about a romance between art and technology, electronic art is a tale of a human in love with a machine. Communicated between a machine and a human by means of intuitive interfaces.


  • Installation

    Installation 4 Titles


  • Performance

    Performance 5 Titles


  • Video Art

    Video Art 43 Titles Animated Lenin figurines meet Barbie-dolls in Berlin based Merit Fakler's work. Carol Rudyard may be Australia's first video artist.


  • Visionaries 21 / Clips

    Visionaries 21 / Clips 21 Titles A growing series featuring the works by visionary artists, artist/inventors and lateral thinkers who connect science and art, research and intuition and teach us free-flow of imagination. Works by leading practitioners and conceptual artists from media, performance, visual art music and sound.