COVID-19 Offer of support to libraries - $200 Artfilms subscription to up to 1700 titles

We understand that public libraries have limited resources in how they can serve their patrons during COVID-19 crisis. Artfilms would like to help. We have created a special subscription for public libraries at a heavily reduced price:
AU$200 (in Australia) or
US$200 (elsewhere) per library site,  unlimited access until March 31, 2021 for approximately 1700 titles
(Actual number of titles will depend 
on licences in your territory)

A number of public libraries take up the offer in our earlier round, and they have seen great use.  The pandemic continues, so we are extending the offer and would be happy to widen the number of beneficiaries.

We made it easy.
Step 1: Download the application form  in Word format  or  in PDF
Step 2: Fill out the authentication details and email to our Customer Service team

You will receive our invoice and confirmation with the connection details. The invoice can be paid online by PayPal or credit card, or if you wish to pay by bank transfer reply to the email quoting your purchase order number. We hope that the low subscription price helps libraries and their patrons in this difficult time while ensures some return to our artists and right holders.

Artfilms provides

  • Unlimited Access to approx. 1700 titles wherever the patrons are located.
  • Authentication by Barcode authentication, IP address, EZ Proxy or Login & password
  • All MARC records are included

In March 2021 we will assess the global situation to determine the next steps.

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