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1800 of unique, inspiring titles in Arts available for online streaming


Private Customers

We invite you to celebrate with us our 15th anniversary of collecting art films!
If you are an Artist, a Student or a Lover of Arts you can now subscibe to artfilms for a very special rate. Watch artfilms from your area of interest; performing arts, visual and digital arts, design and more. From inspirational interviews with visionary artists  to documentaries, live shows and practical workshops you can enjoy the variety of concepts and philosophies which drive artists from around the world.

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Educational Institutes

Valia ExportFor 15 years Contemporary Arts Media (Artfilms) has been building a unique collection of films about contemporary arts and artists from around the world. Found in academic libraries internationally, our films are used for coursework, teaching, reference, inspiration and research. Artfilms-Digital is now hosting this unique collection online and offering it for educational streaming. Subscriptions are available for individual titles or large modules such as "Theatre" or Digital Arts, New Media" or for Access to the entire Artfilms Collection.

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