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Soul of the Samurai

Year: 2005, 46 mins
Code: CG-Soul

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The time of the Samurai in ancient Japan was unique and violent; a life filled with tradition, honor, and legend. Throughout many centuries of war, the Samurai developed one of the most revered weapons of all time –the Samurai sword. They lived by a code of honor known as Bushido: Way of the Warrior, that still stands true in Japan today.
With unique 3D animation, ancient Japanese woodblock prints come to life. Soul of the Samurai is the story of their life and of a culture unfamiliar to most of the Western world.
Directed by Michael Zomber

"Official Selection, Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, 2006,
“Captivating! Western and Japanese sociologists accompany viewers through the thousand years of Samurai history, illustrated with traditional Japanese woodblock prints in stunning color and with the addition of 3D animation. This absorbing program will be popular with viewers and will be a valuable instructional tool.” – School Library Journal

“Highly recommended! An outstanding educational program. Soul of the Samurai illustrates its subject with excellent colorful renderings of antique woodcuts, sure to capture the attention of viewers of all ages.” – Educational Media Reviews Online

"Offering a thorough overview of samurai tradition, history, and cultural significance, filmmaker Michael Zomber’s Soul of the Samurai is a fine primer for those seeking a deeper appreciation of samurai. Recommended." - Video Librarian

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