Not Quite Kosher - screener

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Not Quite Kosher

Year: 2011, 105 mins
Code: BB-Notquite

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From the EMOTIONAL SEASONS project series 2010
Developed through collaborations with international visual and new media artists, performers and musicians, Not Quite Kosher is a performance and installation piece based on an Elisabeth M Eitelberger play.  It focuses on how integration and exclusion play out in different urban environments.

Spanning between West Australia and Vienna (Austria), the project addresses issues about identity and belonging arising from globalization and human existence in a culturally diverse society.

This film uses video footage and photographs to document the devising process, and features the final resulting video and sound installation performed in Vienna.  


ART IN PROCESS has initiated this project: an Australian/Austrian partnership based in Fremantle, Australia - working across installation, video, new media, performance and live art.

Written by Elisabeth M Eitelberger NOT QUITE KOSHER is a result of a collaboration between Bello Benishauer, Sabine Wutschek, Heide Riel, Franz Sramek and Reinhard Mayr.


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