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John Whitney, Sr. discusses and demonstrates his computer-driven film technique

Year: 1975, 27 mins
Code: CAT-Whitney

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John Whitney, Sr. one of the early pioneers in films made by computer-driven cameras explains and demonstrates his work. Shot on location at Whitney’s home in California, includes excerpts from his films “Matrix 3”, “Catalog”, “Permutations” and “Lapis.”

Making abstract motion in time, and impinging directly on the viewer’s emotions as music does - these were among Whitney’s early goals.

"Music organizes time in a special way, creates tension in us, then satisfies, gratifies. We can do the same for patterns - something is going to happen, make it happen in a way you don't expect. Film permutations can be parallel to tones in harmonic sequence… dominant chord resolves into tonic chord.” To do this, says Whitney, "we need new tools, and to learn how to control them. They're unlike musical instruments which we have been practicing on for 300 years. We have to start from scratch."

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