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Interview (Original)

Year: 2003, 89 mins
Code: CF-InterviewS

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Theo Van Gogh's Original
Dutch film director/producer/writer Van Gogh was murdered by an Islam extremist in 2004, two months after the release of his film 'Submission' that criticized the abuse of muslim women.

Pierre Peters (played by Pierre Bokma) is a respected journalist on the staff of the country’s leading quality newspaper. He is 45 years old, and has made a name for himself with his reporting of the Bosnian war. But those years in Bosnia, together with dramatic happenings in his private life, have left their mark.

Today, as the main political reporter of his paper, there is only one place he shoud have been: in parliament, where the
government is due to fall. But Pierre has been sidetracked by his editor. To his utter dismay, he is instructed to interview the country’s hottest actress, 25 year old Katja (played by Katja Schuurman).

Katja is the big star in a daily soap opera on commercial television, and regularly features in lousy, but extremely successful movies. Day and night she is being stalked by fans and by the yellow press, and no man in his right mind would not love to spend an evening with her. Except for Pierre.
Katja is only used to talk to interviewers who are not interested in
anything else than her outer self; Pierre only knows political counterparts, whose inner self he wants to unveil. Immediately at the beginning of their meeting, the two worlds collide, but the rising tension also leads to short moments of closeness: scar meets scar.

Are the intimate confessions of the actress, which for a different kind of reporter would be a publicitary goldmine, for real, or is she a better actress than he thinks she is? And does the reporter, with his very personal revelations, discern himself from his yellow press colleagues, or is he a much meaner man than he pretends to be? The confrontation evolves into a passionate verbal duel, with one overriding question: who is going to win?

Both the original and the remake versions of Interview by Van Gogh are available on DVD 

Katja Schuurman
Pierre Bokma
Theo Maassen
Ellen ten Damme
Michiel de Jong

Directed by: Theo van Gogh

Produced by: Gijs van de Westelan
Screenplay by: Theodor Holman
Idea by: Hans Teeuwen
Director of Photography: Thomas Kist

Sound: Leo Franssen

Music by: Rainer Hensel

Edited by: Léon Verkade

Official selection 2003 Toronto Film Festival

Awards: One Golden Calf nomination: Best Actress (Katja Schuurman)

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