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Hans Richter - Early Works

Year: 1921-29, 35 mins
Code: RV-Han

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"By film I mean visual rhythm... to see movement, organized movement, wakes us up, wakes up resistance, wakes up the reflexes, and perhaps wakes up our sense of enjoyment as well." - Hans Richter

Rhythmus 21 1921 sil. b/w 4 mins.
Rhythmus 23 1923 sil. b/w 4 mins.
Filmstudie 1926 b/w 5 mins.
Ghosts Before Breakfast "Vormittagsspuk" 1927-28 b/w 7 mins.
Race Symphony "Rennsymphonie" 1928-29 b/w 7 mins.
Two Pence Magic "Zweigroschenzauber" 1928-29 b/w 2 mins.
Inflation 1927-28 b/w 3 mins.
Everything Turns Everything Revolves 1929 b/w 3 mins.

Hans Richter was a German painter, graphic artist, avant-gardist, film-experimenter and producer. He was born in Berlin into a well-to-do family and died in Minusio, near Locarno, Switzerland.

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