Goodbye Paradise - screener

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Goodbye Paradise

Directed by Carl Schultz

Year: 1983 / 2019, 119 mins
Code: UM-Goodbye

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"I was fifty-four and a half, with a liver twice that age and most of the bad news yet to come...I had a mouth like an Ayatollah's armpit and a pressing need for a drink..."

Ex-policeman Micheal Stacey (Ray BarrettAustralia) is determined to write the ultimate exposure of corruption in high places. Unhappy, his cynicism and dry wit translate rather chaotically through the lens of 'the bottle', so a private investigation has to be undertaken. As he searches for the missing daughter of a leading politician he finds himself in a labyrinthine world of intrigue, death and deception – a world destined for a highly explosive ending.
The sleazy strip known as Surfers Paradise is the backdrop for this 'lost' 1983 Oz-noir gem from director, Carl Schultz (Careful, He Might Hear You). Quintessentially Australian with a stylish, literate script by Bob Ellis (Man of Flowers) and Denny Lawrence (Warm Nights on a Slow Moving Train), Goodbye Paradise moves between sinister set-pieces mired in political corruption, strip clubs, death-cults and murder under the Queensland sun.

Directed by Carl Schultz 
Produced by Jane Scott 
Written by Bob Ellis and Denny Lawrence
Starring: Ray Barrett, Paul Chubb, Guy Doleman 
Music by Peter Best 
Cinematography by John Seale
Edited by Richard Francis-Bruce
Starring: Ray Barrett, Paul Chubb, Guy Doleman

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