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For the Time Being

Year: 2017, 45 mins
Code: DL-Time

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After a long and conflictual relationship with his wife, Roman finds himself alone. Facing economical problems, he decides to sublet one room in his house.

Mel is the first to answer his ad. When he moves into Roman’s house, he will make him wonder about who he his and what he would like to change in his life.

For the first time Roman confronts himself with someone who challenges him. Roman needs to understand what is happening inside himself, what does he really need?

As human beings we are almost always oriented towards making choices for the future
and often we are either trapped in this hypothetical future, perhaps scared of it, or the
opposite, trapped in the past, as if we were slaves or victim of past choices.

Roman’s character is reflecting for the first time about the present moment, his present:
who he is in the precise hours during which he is wondering this question. It is a very special moment because it is the moment where he rediscovers himself. He doesn’t now for how long but for sure, for the time being.

I started studying acting in Italy during the University. After my degree in Philosophy with a thesis in cultural anthropology about contemporary dance, I moved to Rome, Wellington and Berlin where I am still living and working as an actress/performer for theatre/film.

Since 2013 I started to write/direct. Call Me Reality (2013) is my first theatre piece. In 2014 I wrote and directed The Birthday, a short film in mandarin/english language(23 Official selections/1 Nomination).

In 2015 I founded Connecting Fingers Company. My last works: Connecting Fingers (2015) , the feature documentary When I dance(2016), For the time being (2018). For the Theatre Dance: The Wheel Performance and short(2017), The Rebellious Body(2018), Sex in Translation (work in progress) and Trilogy(Work in progress).

I'm now writing the script of my first feature film Alice Still Has a Dream.

With this film, I’d like to make the viewer reflect on how even apparently simple events can be read at a higher level, how at any time we might learn something new and unexpected, with the potential to bring positive change in our life. Daniela Lucato, Director

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