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Blind Date (Remake)

A remake of Theo Van Gogh's Blind Date

Year: 2008, 80 mins
Code: CF-BlindS

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A breathtaking remake of Theo Van Gogh's Blind Date.
Dutch film director/producer/writer Van Gogh was murdered by an Islam extremist in 2004, two months after the release of his film 'Submission' that criticized the abuse of muslim women.

Don and Janna are a married couple struggling to reconnect after the death of their daughter. They answer each other’s phony classified ads and begin an elaborate game of pretend on a series of blind dates, hoping that this ruse will allow them finally to talk openly about the demise of their relationship in the wake of tragedy.

In playing out their various roles - such as a blind man in search of a sighted woman, a woman in search of a dance partner, and a reporter in search of an aggressive female interviewee - Don and Janna feel free to ask each other probing questions, explore the meaning of humor after calamity, and nearly fall in love. However, when their conversations can’t seem to break out of a circular pattern, never transcending the wall between them, they face the reality that perhaps overcoming heartbreak is not in the cards for them.

Both the original and the remake versions of Blind Date by Van Gogh are available on DVD 

Patricia Clarkson – Janna
Stanley Tucci – Don

Directed by: Stanley Tucci

Written by: David Schechter and Stanley Tucci

Original screenplay by: Valery Boutade and Kim van Kooten

Based on the film from: Theo van Gogh

Produced by: Gijs van de Westelaken and Bruce Weiss

Executive producer: Nick Stiliadis
Creative consultant: Doesjka van Hoogdalem
Director of photography: Thomas Kist

Editor: Camilla Toniolo

Production design: Loren Weeks

Costume design: Vicki Farrell
Original music: Evan Lurie
Line producer: Ellen Havenith

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