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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Your institution must be set up as a customer of Artfilms-Digital.  Click here to submit a subscription request.   We will contact you with any details we require to set up your institution for access to the Artfilms-Digital library.  Once you are set up as a digital customer, you can begin to subscribe to films. 

Purchasing Questions

What is a subscription?

A subscription allows access for your library to a video for one year.  There is no limit on the number of times a video can be viewed during this year.  Once we process your subscriptions, the videos will be viewable to any university member from on or off campus through secure authentication.

Can I buy individual films?

Yes, films are available for individual subscription, or as modules

What's a module?

A module is a group of films relating to a subject area.  Modules are designed to give a broad selection of resources for a subject area.  Purchasing modules offers better value than purchasing individual films.  Note you must be logged in to see the price for modules.

How do I order subscriptions to films or modules?

Browse through our collection while logged in.  To subscribe to a film or a module, simply click the red "Subscribe" button.  This will take you to the shopping bag where you can checkout or continue shopping to add more subscriptions to your bag.

We can also process subscriptions manually.  We can accept orders for subscriptions by email, telephone, fax or post.  If you have any doubts about how to order, contact us [link to contact us]

How can I pay for my order?

We accept payment by Electronic Funds Transfer, Cheque or Credit Card.

Can I pay on Purchase Order?

Yes, registered Artfilms-Digital customers can submit a purchase order at the checkout stage and receive an invoice for their order.  In some cases we may not activate your subscriptions until the invoice is paid.  You can also pay by credit card at the checkout stage.

Technical Questions

What software do I need to access Artfilms-Digital?

No additional software is required.  On a PC, MAC or Android Device, you only need a web browser and the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.  On iPad and iPhone, Artfilms-Digital works within the operating system.

What is the quality of Artfilms-Digital?

Each video has been optimized to offer the highest resolution possible, resulting in outstanding picture quality.  All videos have been optimized for playback on a computer.  At Artfilms-Digital we work directly with filmmakers, which is why the original picture aspect ratio has not been compromised.  On Artfilms-Digital you will see the films as they were originally intended to be seen.

What bandwidth do I need?

Artfilms-Digital will stream the films at the highest possible rate your bandwidth will allow.  On a fast connection, the highest quality feed will be delivered to you.  Artfilms Digital automatically adjusts the feed for smooth playback under all bandwidth limitations.  For optimal viewing, we recommend an internet connection of 1.1Mbps with a minimum requirement of 400kbps. 

Is there a limit to the number of concurrent users who can access the service at any one time?

There is no limit.  Unlimited simultaneous use is permitted.

Can Artfilms-Digital be accessed across multiple campuses without any additional charges?

Yes.  Subscription Fee covers usage across multiple campuses

What authentication methods are available?

IP Address Recognition

Artfilms-Digital controls access to subscribed videos via IP Address Recognition.  To set up access, we require institutions to provide us with the IP Address Range(s) for the campus(es). 

Off campus access is via proxy authentication (eg. EZProxy).

If your institution does not have a fixed IP address range and/or a proxy server, contact Artfilms to discuss how we can authenticate.

Is overseas access available to those of our registered students studying either permanently or temporarily overseas?
A: Yes, access is available to all staff/students authenticated by the institution, no matter their geographic location

Is walk-in access available to users on-campus?  

No, only current staff/students at your institution may access Artfilms-Digital

Are usage statistics available?

Yes.  Statistics are available for each subscribed video including the number of views and the length of viewing time.  Currently institutions must request statistics from Artfilms but access to statistics via the dashboard (by logged in administrators) will be rolled out in November 2012.

Would it be possible to trial the service?  If so, how long could we trial it for?

Yes.  We can generally allow institutions trial access to Artfilms-Digital for 2-3 weeks.  Contact us to arrange a trial