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The Tapestry Workshop

The Tapestry Workshop

  • Streaming: $115.91 / year
Length 9 mins
Year 2011
Code: SCA-Tapestry

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The Victorian Tapestry Workshop is regarded as a world centre for one of western civilisation's oldest and richest art forms. One of only a small number of similar workshops in the world, the Workshop boasts an international reputation for the freshness, vitality and technical excellence of its hand-woven tapestries.

What is unique about the Workshop is that our skilled weavers are also trained artists. Their sensitivity to the visual aspects of the medium, together with their technical expertise, enables them to form a special collaboration with the artists whose designs they translate, and with the architects responsible for the environments in which tapestries are viewed.

Almost 400 tapestries, designed by some of the world's pre-eminent artists, hang in a range of significant public buildings and private collections around the world. Every year over 10 million people in Australia see a tapestry created by the Victorian Tapestry Workshop.

Established in 1976, the Victorian Tapestry Workshop is supported by the Government of Victoria through Arts Victoria. The Workshop is a not-for-profit company managed by an independent board of directors.

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