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How to Audition

How to Audition
by Peter Oyston

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Length 81 mins
Year 2010
Code: PO-Audition
ISBN: 978-1-921882-00-5

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From the Author of the best seller DVD "How To Use the Stanislavski System".
The film is a documentation of a summer school workshop for actors presented by Peter Oyston in London in 2010. Eight young actors from the UK, USA, Australia, Spain participated in the workshop performing their audition pieces from Shakespeare, Pinter and other contemporary writers.

Peter addresses a number of questions and demonstrates how to shape a speech, how to learn lines, how to prepare, how to place images in space how to be flexible, daring and confident.

The workshop explores character and text analysis, and it provides answers to dealing with nerves, rejection, in fact all the dos and don'ts of auditioning.

This film is an invaluable resource for actors and students when preparing for auditions for theatre film or television and drama schools.


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